Why Read Moby Dick

Two weeks ago we finished reading Nathanael Philbrick’s Why Read Moby Dick.  We have read Philbrick before at table, notably, Mayflower.  This new book, a short quick read even at table, is an encouragement for you the reader, yes you, to read Moby Dick.

You will see if you keep following this blog that this is the first of three consecutive American literary books we are reading.

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2 Responses to Why Read Moby Dick

  1. John Whipple says:

    There is so much to read that I don’t think I’ll reread “Moby-Dick” any time soon. On the other hand, it seems that Philbrick’s book could provide some insights into what I missed back in high school. It looks as if he’s written a number of possibly interesting books.

    More about straw hats: Memorial Day clearly begins the season for them — call it Summer — but when does Summer end? There is a widespread notion that Summer is over on Labor Day. To which I say, “No, no, no!” Prime vacation time may be over, but it is still warm. For a number of years I settled on Columbus Day as the day to let go of Summer and resume the wearing of the felt. Last year, though, it occurred to me that Michaelmas is a good traditional time to leave Summer behind and fall into Fall.

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