The Ordo for 2015

Even though I would not want to seem obsessed by the Ordo, a previous blog entry may belie that claim.  However, by comparing the new Ordo (the American Cassinese Ordo for 2015 takes effect predictably on January 1) with the first one I appeared in by name some interesting demographic comparisons are revealed.

My first appearance was for the Ordo from 1994, the year after I took simple vows.  At that time I was listed as monk number 50 for Saint Anselm Abbey.  Yes, 50!  Overall, we were officially 53 in the community.  In the 2015 Ordo, I am number 23 of 29.

For the Congregation as a whole, the aggregate number in 1994 was 1236.  In 2015 the number is 743.  Strangely the number of brothers, that is non-ordained monks in perpetual or solemn vows, has not declined as quickly:  271 (1994) to 208 (2015).

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2 Responses to The Ordo for 2015

  1. It’s regrettable to see a roughly 40% decline in numbers in the Congregation and in the Abbey over 20 years. The near parity suggests at least that it’s a secular trend, not something St.A’s is doing wrong. Still, we can pray that one benefit the Year of Consecrated Life will be a greater number of monastic vocations.

  2. Edward Lamp says:

    Thank God your not number 2

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