Brother Stephen’s Solemn Profession

At mass on July 12, 2014 Brother Stephen Lawson, OSB professed his solemn vows to the monastic community of Saint Anselm Abbey.  On this occasion he received the distinctive black robe associated with solemn vows, referred to as a cuculla (sometimes also referred to as a cowl).  In the group photo below, Brother Isaac is also wearing a cuculla, whereas the other monks are wearing mass vestments, as the photo was  taken at the conclusion of mass, and they are all ordained members of the clergy.  They would wear their cucullas on solemn occasions other than mass.

Solemn Vows Brother Stephen

Front: Brother Stephen and Brother Isaac (Stephen’s Junior Master);
Back: Father Peter (Subprior), Abbot Mark, Bishop Joseph (Novice Master), Father Mathias (Prior)


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