First Monastic Profession

At mass today on this Feast of Saint Benedict, the monks of Saint Anselm Abbey were pleased to welcome Brothers Paul and Ignatius into simple vows.  The two novices, Brother Paul (Scott) LeSage and Brother Ignatius (Andrew) Membrino professed their simple monastic vows by reading the following formula:

I… promise with vows valid for three years,

before God and his saints

in the presence of our father in Christ, Abbot Mark Cooper,

and the monks of this monastery,

stability in this community,

conversion through a monastic way of life,

and obedience according to the Rule of our Holy Father Benedict

and the law proper to our Congregation.

Congratulations to Brothers Paul and Ignatius on this happy day for our monastic community.

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One Response to First Monastic Profession

  1. Renee says:

    I just discovered your blog! I have enjoyed reading this post and previous ones. It makes me want to read the books read! Please keep blogging!

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