Breaking the Back of Winter

We are all familiar with the Groundhog Day tradition, but the monks have another tradition about the end of winter, associated with the feast day of St. Benedict’s twin sister, St. Scholastica.  That feast day is today, February 10.

February 10 is seen as the day that the hard part of the winter has ended, and that while there may be snowstorms to come, the accumulated snow will not last long.  In Manchester, some evidence of the truth of this is that the average daily high reaches several degrees above freezing around this date (36 degrees Fahrenheit on 2/10).  And the link is made stronger, with the church singing the beautiful antiphon from the second chapter of the Song of Songs at both morning prayer and mass:

Arise, my friend, my beautiful one and come!

For see the winter is past, the rains are over and gone (2:10-11).


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One Response to Breaking the Back of Winter

  1. lee mayhew says:

    Now I recall one of your prior posts talked about seeing an amount of amazing snow as you looked out the south door of the monastery and tomorrow we shall get a large blast of snow again so all bets are off for this year. This may be one of the years that we have snow still in April, or we need St. Scholastica to intercede for us. Have a great day, glad you are keeping the blog going.


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