Optional Memorials for 2013

Today, December 29, may be celebrated as the feast day of St. Thomas à Becket, the famous English martyr, whose shrine the pilgrims are journeying to in the Canterbury Tales.  However, even though Becket is a successor Archbishop of Canterbury to this monastery’s very own patron, St. Anselm, we do not celebrate his feast day here as it holds the rank of an optional memorial, and we only celebrate some rather than all of the ones possible.  (You may find all the obligatory feast days for the monasteries of our congregation in the American-Cassinese Ordo, available under the Ordo link here.)

Here are the optional memorials that we will be celebrating in the 2013 calendar year:

Jan 4   Fri    St. Elizabeth Seton

Jan 5   Sat    St. John Neumann

Jan 10 Thu   St. Gregory of Nyssa

Jan 26 Sat    SS Timothy & Titus

Feb 11 Mon   St. Benedict of Aniane

May 27 Mon  St. Augustine of Canterbury

Aug 9  Fri     St. Teresa Benedicta

Sep 17 Tue   St. Hildegard

Oct 3  Thu    Bl. Columba Marmion

Oct 19 Sat    Canadian Martyrs

Nov 13 Wed  St. Frances X. Cabrini

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