This ain’t the Sistine Chapel

Old Choir Chapel of Saint Anselm Abbey

The Old Choir Chapel of the monastery will be used for the Election Chapter on Monday and Tuesday of next week (June 4 & 5).  The OCC was also used for the elections of 1972 and 1986.  I will try to post a photo of the OCC when it is appropriately set up for the election.  We currently use the space only on Sunday evenings for Compline during the school year, as the student mass in the Abbey Church is scheduled for the same time.  Before the Abbey Church was built however, the OCC was the main prayer space for the members of the monastic community.

[The election of 1963 was held in the Chapter Room of the current monastery, while the 1927 election, I believe, was held in the Chapel of the then monastery, which later became the Joan of Arc Convent, and is now Joseph Hall.]

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