Abbatial Election of 1927, part III

Father Bertrand Dolan had received votes on all the ballots so far, including some on each of the first three ballots, and he kept holding his own, as we have seen, later in the balloting.  By the 33rd ballot the election had become a two man race between himself and Father Placidus Schorn.

On the thirty-third ballot:

Bertrand Dolan          10

Placidus Schorn          12

On the thirty-fourth ballot:

Bertrand Dolan          12

Placidus Schorn          10

At this point the community paused to pray the rosary.

On the thirty-fifth ballot:

Bertrand Dolan          16

Placidus Schorn          6

Finally, the 2/3’s threshold had been met.  Father Bertrand became the first abbot of Saint Anselm Abbey, choosing as his motto Ave Maria, in honor of the “Hail, Mary”’s recited during the rosary before the last ballot.  This election was (and remains) the longest in the history of the American-Cassinese Congregation.

Of the other candidates, Father Dominic Scherer became the first prior, a position he would hold until 1960 (!).  Father Placidus Schorn became the first subprior, serving in that office until 1934.  Father Vincent Amberg returned to Saint Mary’s Abbey in Newark, NJ, where he enjoyed an illustrious career both there and in Morristown, NJ, the site of Delbarton.  Abbot Bertrand would remain the reigning abbot until 1963 (!!), when Abbot Gerald McCarthy was elected coadjutor abbot.

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