Abbatial Election of 1927, part II

After several more ballots mirroring the first three, a new name emerged, Father Placidus Schorn.

On the fifteenth ballot:

Vincent Amberg         7

Bertrand Dolan          4

Dominic Scherer         6

Placidus Schorn          4

And now we see the lay of the land has changed, for after 27 ballots, Father Vincent Amberg’s name has dropped out of contention, and Father Placidus Schorn has a simple majority, getting close to a 2/3’s majority.

On the twenty-seventh ballot:

Bertrand Dolan          7

Dominic Scherer         2

Placidus Schorn          13

On the twenty-eighth ballot:

Bertrand Dolan          8

Placidus Schorn          14

Father Placidus Shorn, well over the 50%+ threshold, and just one vote short of the requisite 2/3’s vote of 15, had hit his high-water mark.

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