A Two Day Election

The Election Chapter to elect Abbot Matthew’s successor will take place over two days, June 4th and 5th.

The election chapter will begin on the afternoon of June 4 with prayer, the confirmation of the secretary of the chapter and the tellers; the naming of proxies, if any; roll call; oaths taken and the naming of candidates.

Following a break the evaluation of the candidates will take place.

On June 5 the election process will begin in the morning.  There are a maximum of six ballots, or rounds of voting.  On the first three ballots a two thirds majority is required; on the next three ballots a fifty-percent plus one majority is needed.  If one of those thresholds is met, and the elected monk accepts, the Abbot President, who will be present, can confirm the election at that time.  The newly elected abbot obtains full jurisdiction as abbot (and all the rights and obligations of a major superior of a clerical institute of pontifical right; Code of Canon Law, 596) from that moment.

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