Miracle on High Street

This evening at dinner we finished Eamon Duffy’s Saints & Sinners, and began Thomas Allan McCabe’s Miracle on High Street:  The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of St. Benedict’s Prep in Newark, N.J.

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4 Responses to Miracle on High Street

  1. lee mayhew says:

    Good Day Brother Isaac. An initial “strange” feeling came to my mind when I first read the subject of your post. I think my frame of reference is before you came to St. A’s as back when I was there High Street was the name of the floor where the noviciate stayed, in the admin building at the bell tower end. As I had been just thinking of my time there my frame of reference was not to at table reading but rather “at school”. My mind quickly corrected itself after the initial thoughts of …. I wonder what happened on High Street.

    Also, some time when you have a few free monents I would like to querry you on a process. Abbot Matthew will be “retiring” in a few years and I am interested in understanding the “rules/process” for the selection/election of the new abbot. I must be getting older also as i have know all forur abbots. Have a great day!

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